Puppy Starter Package 

(4-6 months old)

(10 day program)

The puppy package is designed to build a bold young dog and bring out as much bird drive and natural ability as possible.  This time for the dog is all positive.  We expose the young dog to as many different stimuli as possible, including, the kennel environment, transporting to and from the field, birds, cover, gun fire, water (during the warm season) and check cords.  The goal is to have a bold, birdy dog at the end of the program.  Note: no formal obedience is taught during this time

Retriever Training

Whether your goal is to have a Master Hunter or a nice hunting companion, our retriever training program turns your puppy into performer. Dogs trained at Dogpro have picked up thousands of ducks, geese, and pheasants in the fall.  We customize the training curriculum to fit both the dog's talents and the owner's desires.  The program begins with building the young dog's bird drive and introducing gun fire.  Dogs will be exposed to a variety of game birds ranging from pigeons, chukars, pheasants, and ducks.  From there, the foundation begins with basic obedience.  Throughout the training process, we will give you an honest evaluation of your dog's ability in comparison to your expectation and how quickly they are learning.  Each dog is different in regards to the rate at which they progress. The dog's training is built on a solid foundation and expands one step at a time.  Most hunters have an idea of what they want to accomplish with their dog.  We strive to understand that idea and help you attain your goals.  We have had a successful AKC Hunt Test record in Junior through Master levels.  We train primarily Labradors Retrievers and Golden Retrievers but we do have experience with Spaniels and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. 


All appointments and reservations must be made in advance.



Pointing Labs

With the increasing popularity of the pointing labs comes a unique training situation for most retriever trainers.  The training for pointing labs is the same as above with the addition of training "whoa" in the same manner that pointing breeds are taught to point staunchly.  This is a component of the basic training and is one of the first commands that are taught

​​Rates vary depending on duration of training and type of work being done.  Call to inquire.

Basic Training

(6 months and older)

(1 to 3 month program)

-   Basic Obedience (Heel, Sit, Come, Here 


    command for upland dogs)

-   Collar Conditioning

-   Force Fetch/Trained Retrieve

-   Basic Marks

The basic program takes the "green" dog  and starts to form it into a dog that is becoming an asset to your hunt.  If the puppy has not been through the Puppy Package, we start by introducing birds and gun fire.  As the dog's bird drive starts to elevate, we begin basic obedience.  The typical commands taught are: here/come, heel, sit, down(lay down).  The obedience is taught with a lead or check cord and typically transitioned to an electric collar at the end of the program.  After the basic obedience is in place, we work on a formal, or taught retrieve.  Through this process, the dog is taught to pick up an object and hold it until asked to release.  This is also know as retrieve to hand.  At the end of this program the dog is taught about steadiness and may be introduced to hunting specific items like decoys, waterfowl calls, and dog blinds.  Basic water retrieves will be introduced to the dog.  An upland hunting retriever will be schooled in quartering in an upland field and using it's nose to find and trail game birds.  This level of training would prepare the dog to run AKC Junior Hunt Tests. 

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Intermediate and Advanced Training (after Basic Training)​​

(3 to 12 month program)

-   whistle sit

-   condition to pile

-   single and double T

-   swim by

-   3 leg pattern blinds

-   lining and handling drills

-   marks and blinds together

-   diversion birds

-   poison birds

Intermediate and advanced training will teach the dog how to retrieve multiple marked birds and take casts to run blind retrieves.  Blind retrieves are birds that the dog did not see shot and must be directed to the bird.  At this level of training the dog is taught complex water and land retrieves.  This training prepares the dog to competently run AKC Senior and Master Level Hunt Tests.