Dogpro Kennels

36901 N Ave.

PO Box 705

De Soto, IA  50069


Rates vary with the duration of training and the type of work being done.  Call to inquire.

Pointing Breeds

Looking for a confident, stylish pointing birddog.  Our program focuses on an abundance of bird work and plenty of teaching.  We strive to have a bold and confident dog.  The dogs going through the program are exposed to a variety of birds including, pigeons, quail, chukar, and pheasants.  The training program begins by laying a solid foundation with basic obedience.  Throughout the training program we will give you an honest evaluation of the dog's ability and progress.  Dogpro focuses on training German Shorthairs, English Pointers, and English Setters but we also have experience with Brittany Spaniels, Viszlas, and German Wirehairs.  We have trained many hunting dogs and also trial dogs.  We have trained dogs for UKC Trials, AKC Hunt Tests, and NSTRA Trials.  The 2013 NSTRA Midwest Region Champion, Buckeye Sadie, was trained at Dogpro Kennels and handled by owner Terry Ward.    Dogpro Kennels provides guiding services and dog training for Doc's Hunt Club in Adel, IA.


All appointments and reservations must be made in advance.

Advanced Training (after basic training)

 (1 to 3 month program)

The advanced training picks up where the basic training left off.  Here the dog learns about "backing" or "honoring".  This is when multiple dogs in the field are taught to stop and point when another dog has established point on a bird.  As the dog progresses, we work on "steady to wing and shot".  Being steady to wing and shot means the dog is expected to stay on point after the bird is flushed and does not move until released to retrieve the bird.    Typically this is only taught to competition dogs.  

Basic Training (6 month and up)

(1 to 3 month program)

  • Basic Obedience (whoa, come, here)

  • Collar conditioning

  • Trained retrieve

The basic training program introduces birds and gun fire to the dog.  As we work to bring out the natural ability of the dog to point, we begin teaching basic obedience.  It begins by teaching "whoa" or stop.  This allows us to teach the dog to point staunchly until the bird is flushed.  Once the dog is pointing consistenly we teach "come", which is come all the way to me.  Then "here" is used as a quartering command in the field.  The basic program then proceeds into the trained retrieve.  This will ensure consistent delivery of the bird to hand on the retrieve.  The basic program concludes with giving the dog more experience quartering in the field and searching for game.